Would you like and need help to start your career with a bang in a way that sets you up for future success?


If you’re not looking out for your career then you can be sure nobody is. Being motivated and taking action to ensure a strong start to your career will serve you well. AccompliSHE is a blend of career and personal development programme that provides early career professionals the critical understanding and tools for building firm foundations for a strong career.


AccompliSHE takes participants through a five module programme delivered over 8 weeks as follows:

• Module 1: Career foundation check – Workbook + mentoring
• Module 2: Career goaling- Workbook + mentoring
• Module 3: Increasing your value- Workbook + mentoring
• Module 4: Thinking big about your career- Workbook + mentoring
• Module 5: Building a career plan – Workbook + coaching


AccompliSHE can also be provided as a one day in person workshop. Modules 2, 3, 4, 5 are also available as webinars or as 1-1 coaching for individuals.


If interested in participating in this programme, please email shedistinction@gmail.com

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