About blog

My mission with this blog is to help more professional women break through to higher levels by drawing from the wisdom and experiences of at least 100 achieving women. I hope the inspiring women featured here spur you on to disconnect from what is stopping or slowing you down and to progress more confidently towards the success you seek and the strongest professional life you can make happen. Wherever you are now, however far you want to go, I trust this will be an important resource that emboldens you to set yourself up to win in work and life and to accomplish what you are capable of.

About me

I am Vera Ng’oma, a leadership, personal and career development expert and a passionate advocate for tangible excellence. I am in the business of seeding high quality understanding, stimulating productive mentalities and providing top notch services to help individuals and organizations leverage their strengths, achieve bold goals and make their mark. Through writing, speaking, coaching, consulting and training I am committed to using practical and fit for purpose ways of educating, equipping and inspiring people and workplaces to act to become effective, excellent and exceptional. For more information on my work and resources, click here.


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