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Are you a young woman looking to develop & advance a career and leadership that keeps you inspired, motivated and feeling successful? Then Shedistinction is for you.




A career is a leadership platform for you to make a difference with. Make it count! Make your mark!




Shedistinction is for every young woman who wants to develop as a leader and to do exploits with her career. Shedistinction arms you with a strong understanding, mindset and toolkit for creating a meaningful professional life and getting on the road to your next level and beyond in your leadership.


Shedistinction helps you take charge of establishing, solidifying and elevating your professional life by enabling you build the skills, excellence, professional stature and personal character to advance your leadership ambitions, accelerate career aspirations and amplify your professional and personal goals.


With Shedistinction, you’ll get tools, inspiration, instruction and support to challenge how you see yourself, quash your doubts, value your strengths, become inspired to achieve your full potential and to make a difference for your career, your organization, your networks and your communities.




If you’re HUNGRY to LEARN, and to GROW, here are top grade resources that will help you cultivate your best self and to set yourself apart from your peers:

–  A inspiring BLOG featuring phenomenal women that you can learn from

–  Practical PROGRAMMES to enable you develop your career whatever stage you are

–  Top notch SEMINARS for personal and professional development to help you gain edge

–  High quality ARTICLES with tips you can apply immediately to grow and move ahead

–  Engaging knowledge GUIDES to give you tips on game- changing career leadership themes

–  Bright BOOKS  for your leadership, personal and professional development and advancement




COLLECTIVE LEARNING: There always a higher energy and value when women are able to come together face to face to connect, inspire and mentor each other. We encourage you to organise Meet-ups to work with our resources together(workbooks, guides and books)


DOING IT FOR YOURSELF: Want to make things happen for yourself? Check out the content, participate in the programmes and let us know how this material is helping you. E-mail us via shedistinction@gmail.com

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